How to convince on the spot?

The Elevator PITCH: How to Convince on the Spot course is aimed at managers of startups, corporations, SMEs and agencies. PhD students and teachers. And in general, anyone who needs to convince others in a short period of time.

The training will be carried out in-company, using practical dynamics and seeking the participation of all those attending. The dynamic is based on a previous study in which those areas that require greater reinforcement are analysed. With a previous analysis allows us to use real cases from the client-company in the training action.

Course objectives

The Elevator Pitch course: How to Convince on the Spot will help you to achieve the following objectives:

  • Conceive content strategically and prioritise.
  • Build the ideal flow and rhythm of the presentation
  • Reinforce strengths and minimize weaknesses.
  • Adapt the speech.
  • Distinguish the priority of the speaker.
  • Preview the processes.
  • Asking the right questions and anticipating situations.
  • Eliminating stage fright.
  • Managing the voice, body and emotions appropriately
  • To adapt oneself to the space and to the unexpected.

In addition, training can help your company to achieve more sales, and to make your employees more qualified to achieve great closures.

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