Ayming: Course on Interview Management and Sales Techniques

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Last year we closed with the Sales Techniques for Ayming course

Last December we carried out the Sales Techniques course for Ayming, a business consultancy firm focused on the tax sector.

Prior meetings were held with AYMING in order to determine the training needs of the collaborating personnel, and to present a proposal that would meet the expectations in terms of a value offer, focused on achieving the objectives set by the client itself.

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After this preliminary analysis, the following objectives are determined:

  • Acquire the keys to the process of generating leads to succeed in commercial activity and arranging interviews.
  • Practice the techniques of discovery, active listening, formulating questions and detecting the customer’s motivations.
  • Arguing and responding to objections in order to reach a positive conclusion.
  • Gain fluency and confidence at all stages.
  • Tools and techniques used in sales

All the participants showed a predisposition to learning and to the practical application of the contents, showing involvement in the exercises proposed during the training action, and participating in the dynamics and the generation of their PAP, which they have started to work on personally for their professional development. They show to be a well-cohesive group where communication and collaboration exist between them. Motivated and with an optimum attitude of professional involvement.

The Consultant/Trainer would like to thank all the participants and the people in charge for the treatment received.

Overall assessment of the course

We would like to thank these positive evaluations from Ayming’s employees, as it is a source of encouragement for our work and drives us to continue improving in order to achieve better results.

Here are some of the comments:

“Very interesting and very practical. It has provided me with new knowledge and improvement techniques to continue growing as a professional and to achieve my goals”.

“I really enjoyed the course and I am going to incorporate everything I have learnt to develop myself further.”

“Quite interesting and a lot of learning to acquire for my job position.”

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